Michelle Orpe

Michelle Orpe

Michelle Orpe, professional actress currently based in Melbourne, Australia, wearing a black top.
Height: 5’7”
Hair: Mid-Length Blonde
Age: 35-45
Eyes: Blue
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Professional TV Presenter

Michelle also has extensive experience in the UK as a professional TV Presenter, with 15 years and over 2000 live hours under her belt. 
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About Michelle

Michelle is a professional Actress and TV Presenter hailing from the UK and currently based in Melbourne, Australia. 

Michelle has a wealth of experience in the creative arts spanning over 20 years. She started as a TV Presenter back in 2003, hosting Sports and Poker programmes across the mainstream and Sky channels in the UK. 

Michelle decided to follow her dream to become a professional actress after having her two children. She is extremely passionate about her career, and loves exploring the worlds of the characters she plays. 
As an Actress, Michelle has experience in features, TV pilots, commercials, short films, pantomime, stage and corporate. 

As a TV Presenter, Michelle has over 2000 hours live TV experience as well as off-the-cuff, autocue, location and studio experience.

She also has experience on the other side of the camera as well as in the role of producer and editor, which has given her great insight into the workings of a set and everything that goes into it. Michelle is always an eager, friendly and versatile member of the team.
Films, features and short films

Michelle Orpe has featured in

Michelle Orpe in the movie Deep Cuts.Michelle Orpe in the film Love Will.Michelle Orpe in the feature The Block.Michelle Orpe in the short film StagesMichelle Orpe in the movie The Interrogation of Olivia Donovan.Michelle Orpe in the feature The Edge.Michelle Orpe in the film Just a Day.Michelle Orpe in the movie Shadows.
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Headshot 1 of Michelle Orpe, sitting on a stool.Headshot 2 of Michelle Orpe, with blonde hair.Headshot 3 of Michelle Orpe, wearing a blue top and looking at the camera from the side.Headshot 4 of Michelle Orpe, wearing a woolly jumper.Headshot 5 of Michelle Orpe, wearing a blazer, suitable for a detective role.Headshot 6 of Michelle Orpe, wearing glasses.